As the healthcare space continues to grow, hospitals are having a hard time scaling their workforces. In today’s market, many roles are expensive or near-impossible to fill — making an organization’s ability to train, grow, and promote talent from within a competitive advantage.

Unfortunately, implementing or updating a learning and development plan is difficult. You need the help of a partner like HealthcareSource that understands how data, people, processes, and technology come together to form a successful strategy. Learn how we can help you solve your specific challenges below.

“We need to invest in learning and development, but we can't expect our managers to oversee a manual process.”

A lack of professional development isn’t just hurting individuals on your team. The effects often spill over into the rest of your organization, impacting turnover rates, your employer brand, and your ability to develop new leaders.

Weakened employer brand: Professional development is one of the most important employer value propositions today. Without it, your employer brand takes a hit, as does your ability to attract top talent.

More and more turnover: The failure to invest in employee growth and development is a leading cause of regrettable turnover. It leads to a vicious cycle where poor development leads to mediocre managers, whose employees leave, and so on.

Less-than-optimized workforces: If you want to get the most out of your clinical employees, then you need to give them the tools and resources they need to perfect their crafts. By investing more in your employees, you’ll see greater engagement and, therefore, greater results.

No leadership succession plan: Recruiting outside your organization is expensive, but the cost is tenfold when hiring leadership. If you’re not investing in professional development now, then you’re not putting the infrastructure in place to develop new managers and executives, so you won’t have the choice to promote from within.

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“We can’t produce the amount of learning content we need and don’t know where to begin with purchasing a new solution.”

It’s impossible to effectively implement a learning and development plan without the content and courseware your employees need. Unfortunately, finding and/or developing the right content is a challenge that can result in your hospital providing poor quality of care, if not solved for correctly.

Unappealing, unengaging content: Some projects and initiatives are too important and too timely to wait for perfect. However, creating boring, subpar content just for the sake of creating content leads to employees rejecting the material.

Long and expensive development cycles: Content development becomes a long, arduous process as you struggle to track down vendors, conduct integration testing, and develop processes around manual assignment and reporting.

Lack of structured curricula: Without a content development expert on your team, you might not know where to get started. This results in training curricula that are driven by regulations or that are unstructured. Both result in a slowdown in skills and competency attainment.

Inability to update and optimize content: If you’re struggling to develop your own content, then you’ll also struggle with measuring its effectiveness. Without the ability to tap into the wisdom of the workforce that is using the content, you won’t be able to understand what needs to be adjusted.

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Learning & Development Solutions for Hospitals & Providers

The ability to implement and manage a learning and development strategy within your organization is key to your hospital’s success. Good, engaging content can help you keep your teams compliant with industry regulations, spark employee engagement, and improve retention rates, making it easier for you to keep and grow future leaders.

If you can improve the data, people, processes, and technology around your learning and development strategy, then you can get more out of your workforce and provide better quality care for your patients. We have the tools you need to do just that.

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