At HealthcareSource, we know healthcare. We bring more than 500 years of combined experience working in healthcare, senior living, and staffing talent management into all of our solutions. And we understand how recruiters, hiring managers, learning and development professionals, and compensation specialists need to work together with common goals that ladder up to a cohesive talent management strategy for building a quality workforce that will grow with healthcare’s many changes. HealthcareSource is your partner for the software, services, content, and data you need to move your workforce forward.


Whether you are recruiting for a hospital system, have hiring managers who take on the role of recruiters in your senior living facility, or are a staffing agency trying to place faster, we have the right set of capabilities to help you succeed.


You need to get the most out of your healthcare workforce, whether you're running a hospital, caring for seniors, or placing contingent workers. Our capabilities can help you engage and retain your talent.

Learning &

Maintaining both clinical and non-clinical competencies are essential for your healthcare staff to provide the best quality care — plus professional development is key for employee retention. HealthcareSource can help.