Behavioral Assessments objectively measure applicants’ likelihood for cultural fit, service excellence, and long-term retention. Assessment results benchmark applicants against peers in similar healthcare positions to inform structured, behavioral-based interviews and professional development opportunities. HealthcareSource Behavioral Assessments are scientifically validated and designed specifically for healthcare. These assessments previously earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA).

Prioritize Applicants for Consideration
Prioritize Applicants for Consideration

Use the Behavioral Assessments’ Job Fit Indices to benchmark applicants against top-performing peers in terms of job performance, retention, and service excellence. Scoring formulas are validated for five job families, including nursing and administrative/clerical. For an open requisition, view and sort all applicants’ scores in the Dashboard to prioritize those who are most likely to succeed.

Evaluate an applicant's fit against job and organizational requirements
Evaluate an Applicant’s Fit Against Job and Organizational Requirements

Measure an applicant against nine competencies identified as being critical to successful job performance in today’s competitive healthcare industry. The trigger-point may be adjusted to meet specific organizational goals and initiatives, like creating a culture of service excellence. Scores in the low range indicate the applicant may have a potential problem in relation to the job requirements, culture, or behavioral competencies associated with the position.

Anticipate and applicant's willingness to meet job requirements
Anticipate an Applicant’s Willingness to Meet Job Requirements

Evaluate how well an applicant’s interests and availability with your open requisition’s basic work demands and environment. Factors such as being on-call, dealing with bodily fluids, and working near people with contagious diseases are examined in the Job Preview Matrix. You can use an applicant’s responses to these behavioral assessment questions to probe on any requirements in which he or she expresses reluctance or refusal.

Empower hiring managers to interview effectively
Empower Hiring Managers to Interview Effectively

A structured behavioral-based interview guide provides follow-up behavioral questions to probe an applicant’s low scores to ensure he or she aligns with the job requirements and will fit the organization’s culture. Questions are designed to reveal examples of past performance to assess the applicant’s proficiency in job-related situations. Hiring managers can use the guide to perform a more thorough and consistent interview and avoid inappropriate interview questions.

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Assessment Validity

Measure the validity of an applicant’s responses using confidence-in-results and inflated response scales.

Development Opportunities

Receive prescriptive suggestions to immediately improve low-scoring competencies for hired applicants.

Nurse Critical Thinking

Benchmark a nurse’s critical thinking aptitude against others within the LPN, RN, BSN, and MSN licensures.

Interactive Interview

Evaluate an applicant’s responses, take notes, and receive tips on red flags and what to listen for.

Behavioral Assessments Help You Select and Develop Top Talent

Our Behavioral Assessments capability helps you improve the quality of your hires, reduce turnover, and improve performance by identifying candidates who are a good fit for your organization.

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