Recruitment processes are the actions talent acquisitions teams take to attract, source, engage, and hire individuals. HealthcareSource Recruitment Transformation provides guidance from expert consultants who collect and analyze your key recruitment data to identify inefficiencies. Benchmark your performance over time and against healthcare peers. Educate recruiters and hiring managers on elite healthcare recruitment best practices to drive a lean, efficient hiring process.

Our cloud-based portal serves as the mechanism for recruitment data input and benchmark analysis.
Understand Your Recruiting Performance

Input your organization’s relevant data into our cloud-based portal to benchmark your recruiting performance over time and against healthcare industry peers. Metrics such as quality-of-hire, process efficiency, and productivity are among the measures used to gauge your recruitment operation's effectiveness. Ensure your processes are aligned with the needs of your recruiters’ key stakeholders through Voice of the Customer surveys of hiring managers, new hires, and candidates who were not hired.

Our expert consultants will provide you best practice recommendations based on an analysis of your recruitment data.
Benchmark Study Results & Recommendations

An analysis of your data will only be useful if you are willing to act on the insights it provides. Our expert consultants help you develop data-driven strategies and implement change efforts in areas where process inefficiencies are identified. Quantify the impact of process improvements that are already underway on organizational strategic initiatives. Celebrate the key successes of teams and individual recruiters.

Member Advisory Services

Checkpoint calls with our expert consultants will help keep your change initiatives on track.

Innovation Base Camps

Network, share best practices, and discuss important topics with thought leaders in healthcare recruitment.

Recruiter Training & Certification

Educate and develop your recruiting team with our online program designed exclusively for healthcare recruiters.


Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System

Farrar Anderson, MHR, SPHR
Senior Director of Human Resources

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The Recruiter Academy curriculum generated meaningful dialogue between senior and junior recruiters. This served as a platform for senior recruiters to jump into mentoring roles. The recruiters have also embraced data-driven decison making.

Improve Your Processes with HealthcareSource

Our Recruitment Transformation capability helps you decrease time-to-fill, improve recruiter skillsets, source talent better, and become more strategic in your practices.

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