Structured Interview Guides auto-generate when applicants complete our healthcare-specific, scientifically validated Behavioral Assessments. These guides standardize screening processes and help remove bias from hiring decisions. Use behavioral questions to inquire about past experiences to gauge applicants’ job-related competencies and predict future, on-the-job behaviors. Red flags and suggestions for what to listen for are also included. Enable your hiring managers to perform more thorough, consistent interviews.

The Structured Interview Guide gives you specific questions to probe potential areas of concern with an applicant’s fit with your values, culture, or environment.
Custom Questions

Service & Values Scales measure nine competencies identified as being critical to successful job performance in today’s competitive healthcare industry. When an applicant has a low score on any of these competencies, custom interview questions are generated within the Structured Interview Guide. Interviewers should ask these questions to determine if the applicant’s fit aligns with your values, culture, and environment.

The Structured Interview Guide provides specific questions to help probe an applicant’s past experiences, including specific situations, actions, and outcomes.
Structured Questions

Nurses and billing specialists have very different job requirements and competencies. Structured interview questions are tailored to the applicant’s job family, such as nursing or clerical. Questions, follow-up questions, red flags, and tips on what to listen for help guide the interview. Behavioral questions help you prompt applicants to discuss past experiences, citing specific situations, actions, and outcomes.

Interactive Interview

Take notes and auto-save applicant feedback electronically during each step in the structured interview process.

Interviewer’s Toolkit

Access supplemental training documents, interview questions, and more via our online interviewer’s toolkit.

Technical Questions

A customizable section for technical, skill-oriented, or job-related questions is included in each guide.


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Using the solution has improved the interviewing process by moving us away from task-oriented questions, which is especially helpful for managers that don't do much hiring. Our hiring managers have gained newfound confidence in their interviewing capabilities.

Predict Performance with Structured Interview Guides

The Structured Interview Guides’ power of prediction can help you combat your time-to-fill, recruiter skillsets, and employee performance challenges.

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