The Recruiter Academy℠ by Lean Human Capital hosts web-based education programs that are 100% designed for healthcare talent acquisition professionals.

RACR, our certified recruiter program, concentrates on the key areas proven to have the greatest impact on recruitment performance. It will help you prioritize critical tasks, build stronger relationships with hiring managers, source passive talent, subdue counteroffers, quantify success, and optimize your strategies so they last.

Once you complete the RACR program, enroll in the advanced sourcing program to build on your foundational skills and competencies and hone your ability to think beyond restrictions. This advanced training will enhance your mining abilities so you can improve your conversion rate of high-quality leads.

Enrolling in programs at The Recruiter Academy allows you to join thousands of students in our RACRx Community. Network with fellow healthcare HR professionals, enjoy exclusive access to our quarterly continuing education webinars, and be the first to hear about the latest methodologies and tools to gauge, improve, and transform your organization’s recruitment function.

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Effective Sourcing Strategies

Find top passive talent when you have limited time, money, and resources for sourcing.

Manage Hiring Managers

Develop relationships so you can level-set unrealistic hiring manager expectations and drive a lean hiring process.

Increase Daily Efficiencies

Use time management techniques to more effectively manage large requisition loads and difficult-to-fill jobs.

Become an Elite Recruiter

Master the art and science of candidate assessment, negotiation, and defusing counter offers.


Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health

Farrar Anderson, MHR, SPHR
Senior Director, Human Resources

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The Recruiter Academy curriculum generated meaningful dialogue between senior and junior recruiters. In addition, recruiters now communicate more effectively with hiring managers through intake sessions and one-on-one meetings. The requirements and expectations for open positions are now clear.

Tackle Challenges with Recruiter & Sourcer Training

Improve your ability to compete for top talent by developing your skills, reducing time-to-fill, and increasing your brand awareness and sourcing strategies.

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