To build a Patient-Centered Workforce® you need to recognize the contributions of your employees and incentivize them to put patients first.

HealthcareSource CompensationSM is an easy to use solution that guides managers in determining the merit increases for each employee. It enforces budget guidelines and constraints on managers’ compensation adjustments during the annual performance appraisal, to ensure a consistent, accurate, and on-time compensation cycle.

Best of all, Compensation is integrated with HealthcareSource Performance Manager® for a direct connection between annual evaluations and your managers' compensation decisions.


  • Set cycle start-end
  • Enter budget allowances
  • Define merit matrices


  • Access Compensation within Performance Manager appraisals
  • Connect managers to their budgets, rules, etc.
  • Automatically enforce compensation guidelines


  • Lock down merit adjustments
  • Send interface file to HR/Payroll

What This Means for You

Compensation avoids all the hassles of spreadsheets while giving you better control over your merit cycle. The centralized system means no more lost or corrupted spreadsheets that were disconnected from your appraisals.

With Compensation you can:

  • Execute merit cycle accurately and efficiently
  • Apply pay for performance across the organization
  • Improve staff retention through equitable compensation
  • Save managers and compensation analysts time with an efficient process