To build a Patient-Centered Workforce® staffing agencies need to source and manage their ideal labor force to deliver the highest quality talent to clients who demand excellence.

HealthcareSource Contingent Talent Management℠ offers a single solution for contingent staffing agencies to operate their entire business from onboarding to invoicing. It allows clients to move quickly from order to fulfillment and features a compliance infrastructure that provides risk management tools, ensuring placement of fully qualified contingent staff.

HealthcareSource has acquired Centricity™ Contingent Staffing, formerly API Healthcare’s Clearview Staffing Software, from GE Healthcare. Read the press release.

What This Means for You

With the temporary healthcare staffing market projected to reach $15 billion in revenue by 2017, staffing agencies with the most qualified talent will have the best chance to address the needs of the healthcare staffing industry. Our solution enables you to support your clients’ care quality goals by improving the entire recruitment process from start to finish; helping to ensure your agency provides the best, most qualified contingent staff for every job.

Contingent Talent Management automated processes include:

  • Onboarding and competency validation
  • Worker profile and credential management
  • Client profile and contract management
  • Per diem and travel staffing workflow
  • Compliance validation and enforcement
  • Payroll and billing processing
  • Operational and gross financial analytics
  • Annually validated clinical content


Grow Your Agency with Industry-Leading Workforce Technology

Your Challenges

Healthcare reform has shifted the way the industry thinks about the delivery of healthcare. Hospitals are looking to contingent staffing as more than just a stop-gap measure to manage excessive overtime or labor shortages. Nursing indicators play a vital role in determining whether hospitals achieve high-performer status, something that can mean millions of dollars to a hospital’s bottom line.

When it comes to managing a contingent staff, agencies are faced with various challenges such as:

  • Competing for and finding the best talent online
  • Managing excessive overtime or labor shortages
  • Burdening agency staff with redundant and time-consuming tasks

Our Solution Helps You

Your clients demand excellence. And with hospitals placing greater importance on high performance standards, it is critical that your employees are the most qualified. Contingent Talent Management solution matches healthcare professionals with perdiem shifts and long-term assignments quickly while helping to ensure compliance and quality. Our solution also enables accurate payroll and invoicing, and mitigates risk exposure. Contingent Talent Management helps you with: