Improve care consistency and quality across the entire continuum of care

Quality matters. So does speed. Staffing agencies that do both well will be in the best position to build long lasting relationships based on trust, communication, and superior service.

  • Per Diem Shift Staffing

    Hospitals need open shifts filled immediately—but not with just anyone. Consistency in care quality is more important than ever, and every healthcare-staffing placement you make must meet your clients’ standards for quality. HealthcareSource Contingent Talent Management makes it easy to identify your clients’ needs and match staff to fill every requisition.

  • Travel Nurse and Contract Assignment Staffing

    If travel staffing is giving you headaches instead of making you money, then it might be your software. Our Travel Module helps simplify the process of managing travel assignments. The rate sheet calculator, submissions manager and detailed reporting features help increase margins without increasing workload.

  • Order + Candidate Matching

    Your staffing technology should be able to sort through the complex requirements to identify and rank qualified individuals to fill open orders. Matching features in Contingent Talent Management provides you with the edge you need, allowing you be the first to reply with highly qualified candidates, which can result in more closed bookings.

  • Workforce & Client Portals

    Engaged employees are satisfied employees, and the Workforce Portal empowers your staff to manage nearly every aspect of their personnel information online. Your staff can view their schedules, update their availability, request shifts, manage their credentials, and view their paycheck stubs. They can even get driving directions to placements.

    Communication is key to creating long-term relationships with clients. The Client Portal allows you to give your clients direct access to your agency, allowing them to view their calendar of open and filled shifts. The portal also allows them to create, confirm or cancel an order request, or request a specific healthcare professional.

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