Achieve Training Goals

Healthcare organizations look to fulfill many different objectives through training, ranging from compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements to more efficient and consistent delivery of content. Classroom training alone can be expensive, while paper-based systems for tracking employee education activity are time-consuming and cumbersome.

Many organizations have found that online learning is the key to achieving their educational goals:

  • Online courses are efficient and consistent

    Since online training can be taken where and when employees want, it makes education delivery more flexible. In addition, online courses ensure consistency, since the same content is taught in the same way every time.

  • Learning management systems and online education increase compliance rates

    When accreditation surveyors and regulators come onsite, the best learning management systems make it easy to run training reports and transcripts with a mouse click.

  • Online courses can be shared among multiple sites, expanding education opportunities for employees

    With a learning management system, it’s easy to make online education available to all staff, regardless of their location. Courses that are developed by one site can be utilized by employees in other facilities within the organization.

By adopting HealthcareSource eLearning Library and NetLearning, organizations have found it possible to achieve their education and training goals with less effort and greater levels of employee satisfaction. To learn how one organization accomplished this,view our customer video: Shriners Hospital for Children.