Control Education Compliance

In healthcare, employees continually need updated training to satisfy compliance requirements for accreditation, patient privacy, clinical licensures, and more. Ensuring that staff complete this education and maintaining adequate records, however, can be a challenge.

Many healthcare organizations have discovered that online learning and learning management systems are an effective way to control education compliance across the entire employee population:

  • Online learning prevents training deficiencies and improves patient safety

    eLearning efficiently conveys essential information to employees. Online courses keep staff up to date by enabling them to refresh their knowledge of various topics throughout the year.

  • Online courses are engaging, so employees are more likely to complete their required training

    Through online learning, it’s easy to provide content that is tailored specifically to healthcare employees. Courses are interactive and designed to appeal to different learning styles.

  • Learning management systems and online courses deliver training efficiently

    When online courses are used in conjunction with a learning management system, it extends the reach of the training function. Education can be assigned quickly and eLearning ensures that a consistent training approach is used across all employees.

Organizations that use HealthcareSource eLearning Library and NetLearning find that it’s easier to control education compliance which leads to improved patient safety, as well as fewer financial penalties due to non-compliance. To learn more, download our white paper: Achieving Compliance in Healthcare: 5 Ways eLearning Supports Training Requirements.