Manage Competencies

Healthcare organizations are constantly evolving. As jobs change to accommodate this evolution, required skills and competencies also have to change. Without a competency management process in place, however, many organizations suffer from too many competencies and checklists and education for every problem. Competency management software can address these challenges by providing a flexible, dynamic platform for defining and validating employee competencies.

Consider the benefits of proactively managing competencies with the assistance of technology:

  • It’s easy to define and update competencies over time

    With a competency management system, it’s easy for organizations to stay on top of their competencies. Existing skills can be updated when needed and new competencies can be added as organizational needs change.

  • Managers and employees feel a greater sense of ownership

    Competency management solutions offer one central place for supervisors and staff to go for information about competencies.

  • Validation choices make employees feel empowered

    When employees are given different options for validating skills and competencies, they can select the choice that appeals most to them.

HealthcareSource NetCompetency provides a comprehensive system for managing competencies and promoting employee accountability. To learn more about competency management, view our webinar replay: Secrets of a Successful Competency Process, featuring Donna Wright, author of The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Healthcare.