Competency Management Engages QI Leaders

Leading healthcare organizations are committed to quality improvement (QI) in all aspects of patient care. When QI leaders identify problem areas, the solution is often to assign new competencies to employees. Competency management solutions are a proven way to capture necessary information about new competencies and ensure that employees demonstrate proficiency in those areas.

Consider the ways that competency management software can engage QI leaders:

  • Defining competencies is easier than ever before

    The best competency management solutions offer a dictionary of clinical and non-clinical competencies that align with requirements from governing bodies. Defining the competencies that meet organization-specific needs, as well as those required for compliance no longer means starting from scratch.

  • Competencies can be assigned to all staff or subsets of employees

    In some cases, competencies must be demonstrated across the entire organization. However, in other instances, certain departments may need targeted improvement effort. Competency management software simplifies the process of assigning competencies to the right employees.

  • Measuring compliance with competency completion is a transparent process

    The key to quality improvement is measuring progress in key areas. Competency management solutions offer dashboards and reports that clearly identify which employees have demonstrated proficiency with assigned competencies and which employees require remediation.

HealthcareSource NetCompetency provides a comprehensive system for improving quality of care through better competency management. To learn more, view our webinar replay: Managing a Successful Competency Assessment, featuring Donna Wright, author of The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Healthcare.