Align Staff with Meaningful Goals

Achieving sustainable gains in patient satisfaction requires a systematic approach to performance management. Lean principles are often used as the basis for structuring performance management processes. Performance management software provides an effective framework for implementing Lean principles and aligning staff with meaningful goals.

Consider the benefits of aligning employee goals through an automated performance management process:

  • Goals are consistent with every aspect of an employee’s job

    Alignment occurs when job descriptions, required competencies, and goals reinforce one another.

  • Employees feel a greater sense of accountability

    By assigning SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) goals, employees understand what they are responsible for delivering. In addition, they have insight into how their work connects with the organization’s strategic initiatives.

  • Team members don’t experience unpleasant surprises at review time

    When goals are clearly articulated, employees understand what expectations are for their performance. This knowledge guides their work throughout the year and is the benchmark against which their performance is measured.

HealthcareSource Performance Manager provides an online platform for organizations to define goals for employees that align with strategic goals, as well as with employees’ day to day tasks. To learn more about the importance of goal alignment, download our ebooklet: The 3 Step Process for Successful Employee Goal Management.