Improve Appraisal Completions

With paper-based performance appraisal processes, many healthcare organizations find that a high percentage of employee evaluations are never completed. The task may not be top of mind for managers and HR teams simply don’t have the time available to track down every supervisor and remind him or her about key deadlines.

Automating performance management can lead to higher rates of appraisal completions. Here are two reasons why:

  • The process is user friendly

    Completing evaluations online is often simpler than filling out paper forms and then ensuring that the entire team’s documentation is sent to HR. As each evaluation is completed, it can be immediately routed to the Human Resources department.

  • HR teams have greater visibility into the process

    With a performance management system, HR teams can easily see which managers have completed their evaluations and who is lagging behind. Targeted communication to specific individuals is possible, rather than reaching out to every manager.

Organizations that have adopted HealthcareSource Performance Manager have seen dramatic improvements in completion rates for their evaluations. To learn more, view the Pen Bay Healthcare customer video.