Improve Employee Satisfaction

When healthcare employees are satisfied with their jobs, they are more likely to be engaged with their work and deliver quality patient care. These are outcomes that all healthcare organizations strive for and performance management can help make them a reality.

Automating performance management processes makes it easier for managers to focus on the feedback and activities that promote employee satisfaction. For example:

  • Performance management systems support alignment of employee and organizational goals

    When employees understand how their work supports the broader organizational vision, they are more likely to find meaning in their jobs. In addition, goals enable managers to keep employees on track. Better performance translates to higher levels of employee satisfaction.

  • Strengths-based coaching connects employees to their purpose

    Automated performance management systems allow managers to document areas where employees need coaching and then establish associated goals.

  • Monitoring employee achievements boosts employee morale

    A performance management system offers an environment where managers can keep track of employee accomplishments and recognize those contributions on a regular basis.

HealthcareSource Performance Manager creates a forum where managers can monitor and manage employee performance on a regular basis. It also allows employees to access their records and keep track of their goals and coaching focus areas. To learn more about the links between employee satisfaction and performance management,  read our blog post: 3 Ways to Increase Healthcare Employee Satisfaction.