Maintain Compliance

Talent management processes play a central role in ensuring that healthcare organizations meet requirements set out by The Joint Commission and other accrediting bodies. To demonstrate compliance during an audit, organizations must have relevant data on file for all employees. Surveyors routinely review employee files to ensure proper documentation of performance, training, and competency related information.

Automating key employee performance-related information such as job descriptions, competency assessments, and performance assessments offers clear benefits during accreditation surveys and other regulatory reviews:

  • Information can be found in a more timely way

    With paper processes, performance information can be scattered through the organization. Scouring paper files is time consuming and it can also be daunting when surveyors or other officials are onsite. Automated systems that capture performance information ensure that data is accessible with a few mouse clicks.

  • It’s possible to proactive address performance issues before auditors come onsite

    Automated systems make it easy to take a look at the big picture and to identify where employees may have gaps with regard to performance. This allows organizations to take pre-emptive action and address issues.

  • Automated processes convey a sense of control and organization

    Paper based systems may communicate that organizations aren’t as efficient and progressive as they might be. Healthcare organizations that automate employee performance report having a greater sense of control over information, which takes the stress out of accreditation and other compliance meetings.

HealthcareSource Performance Manager eliminates paper systems for information like job descriptions, competency assessments, and performance evaluations. To learn more, download our white paper: Surviving a Site Visit from The Joint Commission.