To build a Patient-Centered Workforce® you need to source and select candidates who align with job requirements and criteria, fast.

HealthcareSource Position Manager® is the leading healthcare applicant tracking software solution that accelerates hiring, improves management and staff productivity, attracts better personnel, and reduces hiring costs.


  • Engage candidates through social media, job boards, and SEO
  • Deliver a great candidate experience
  • Allow applicants to search and apply from smart phones and tablets


  • Automate requisition workflows
  • Find qualified applicants quickly
  • Solidify recruiter and hiring manager collaboration


  • Integrates with your HR and background check systems
  • Send job offers and timely candidate communication
  • Automate onboarding with welcome letters and new hire documents


What This Means for You

Based on our experience processing more than 75 million applications, we’ve designed Position Manager with the goal of connecting you and your users to the information they need, to speed your healthcare recruiting processes and help you quickly hire quality applicants.

With Position Manager you will:

Quickly Hire the Best Talent and Onboard Faster

Your Challenges

Hiring the right people is critical to delivering quality care and improving the patient and resident experience. In a time when hundreds of resumes are submitted for just one job, applicant tracking and management is the key to narrowing down the candidate pool and finding the best-fit candidate for the job. When it comes to recruiting and onboarding, healthcare organizations are faced with various challenges such as:

  • Filling critical positions faster to minimize overtime and agency costs
  • Providing an excellent candidate experience
  • Wasting time on endless paperwork, phone calls, and outdated workflows

Our Solution Helps You

Position Manager applicant tracking system and onboarding software eliminates the costly inefficiencies of applicant recruiting. Designed specifically for healthcare, our recruiting software is easy-to-use, quick to implement, and helps you:


What Our Customers Say

Read our customer profiles: Seton Medical Center and Schervier Nursing Care Center to learn the success these organizations are experiencing using Position Manager.