Proven Methods to Improve the Candidate Experience

Competition for healthcare talent may already be a challenge in your area, and as the economy improves, demand for high quality candidates will only grow. Organizations that pay attention to the candidate experience are more likely to attract the best applicants and successfully hire them.

Automating the applicant tracking process is a proven way to enhance the candidate experience. Consider how healthcare organizations have leveraged solutions like HealthcareSource Position Manager to improve their hiring processes:

  • Better communication with candidates

    Communicating clearly and consistently with applicants throughout the recruiting lifecycle reduces candidate frustration. Applicant tracking software makes it easy to communicate electronically. In addition if applicants call HR with questions, all the relevant information is available in one place for the HR team. Candidates also feel empowered because they can log in and check their own application status.

  • A user-friendly application process

    Online applications allow candidates to complete information in multiple sittings, if that is what is most convenient for them. HealthcareSource Position Manager offers customizable applications, so applications can be simplified and condensed. This is essential for hard to fill positions.

  • Build relationships with candidates

    Applicant tracking systems make it easy to provide candidates with constructive feedback throughout the recruiting process. This keeps applicants interested and engaged. 

To learn more about how to improve the candidate experience and attract higher quality talent, download our white paper: Improving the Candidate Experience: 5 Best Practices for Healthcare HR.