Increase HCAHPS Scores

HCAHPS scores and patient satisfaction are major concerns for healthcare organizations throughout the United States. Increasing and maintaining HCAHPS scores is directly linked to employee satisfaction and the willingness of staff to provide patient-focused care. Given this reality, it’s essential that healthcare organizations recruit and hire candidates who are committed to patient satisfaction.

Implementing an applicant tracking system is a good first step toward finding and hiring the best staff and delivering the kinds of patient experiences that will increase HCAHPS scores.

Consider a few of the ways that solutions like HealthcareSource Position Manager can help:

  • Incorporate service excellence qualities into job descriptions

    Applicants must understand the skills and abilities needed for open positions. Applicant tracking systems simplify the process of creating job descriptions that include HCAHPS expectations, such as active listening, a helpful attitude, and showing patients courtesy and respect.

  • Publicize open positions and describe what traits are needed for patient centered care

    Applicant tracking systems make it easy to post open positions and job descriptions on online job boards. Including information about patient centered care helps attract people who will be a natural fit.

  • Incorporate HCAHPS into every aspect of the hiring process

    By automating the administrative aspects of the recruiting process, applicant tracking systems help HR teams and hiring managers spend more time interacting with candidates during interviews and evaluating their ability to deliver on service excellence requirements.

To learn more about how recruiting is tied to HCAHPS performance, download our white paper, How 4 Recruitment Best Practices Will Increase HCAHPS Scores.