Reduce HR Costs and Time to Fill

In healthcare, employee recruitment and retention are the key to providers’ ability to deliver quality patient care. However with increased competition for talent, the hiring process is more challenging than ever before. Labor intensive recruiting processes are costly and contribute to long lead times for hiring quality talent.

Manual processes create delays as applications and resumes are forwarded, copied, and faxed. Manual tracking processes are then required to facilitate communication between HR, hiring managers, and candidates. Investing in human resource technologies, such as applicant tracking systems, is a proven way to lower costs and to hire better employees faster. Consider the following:

  • When manual hiring processes are eliminated, HR resources can be redeployed to other tasks

    Clerical and other administrative staff can be assigned to other tasks, due to reduced time spent on filing, photocopying, and scheduling interviews by phone. In some cases, applicant tracking systems enable healthcare organizations to avoid hiring additional HR staff

  • Reduced recruitment and advertising costs

    Posting jobs online is a less costly alternative to traditional print advertising and it gets open positions in front of younger, tech savvy candidates faster. Applicant tracking systems allow organizations to identify which advertising spending is most effective and track the return on advertising investment.

  • Shorter time to fill for open positions

    When healthcare organizations carry open positions, they often pay overtime to staff or hire temporary workers to fill the gap. On average, HealthcareSource Position Manager has been found to reduce customers’ time to fill a position by 11 days. This enables organizations to maintain better hospital staff efficiencies without the cost of temporary or overtime staff.

HealthcareSource is committed to helping organizations reduce costs through improved collaboration, reduced administrative burden, better hiring manager productivity, and reduced time to hire. To learn more about how to recruit and retain employees who are committed to patient-centered care, download our white paper: The Strategic Value of Recruiting Investments in Healthcare: Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs, and Increase Patient Satisfaction.