To build a Patient-Centered Workforce® you need to proactively source and select top candidates who will fit with the goals and culture of your health system.

HealthcareSource Recruitment Marketing℠ powered by Talemetry® enables your recruiters to work within a single solution to implement modern recruitment strategies to source candidates, build talent pools, and to optimize recruitment efforts through real-time analytics. You will partner with our Lean Human Capital consultants to assess your recruiting process and have access to The Recruiter Academy, a web-based certified recruiter program for healthcare recruiters.


  • Use standard templates to generate a branded, mobile-responsive career site that provides tracking and analytics
  • Post job ads to social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and measure the effectiveness of your listings
  • Automatically optimize job listings to increase search engine ranking
  • Automate the distribution of jobs based on job family, location, job type, and more


  • Use a dynamic interface to organize, manage, and maintain your relationships with active and passive candidates
  • Organize quality candidates into proprietary talent pools to search for current and future talent needs
  • Execute scheduled searches on multiple talent sources to build a pool of aggregated candidate data


  • Allow job seekers to opt-in to your talent network so that they can stay connected and get notified when the “ideal” position becomes available
  • Send branded emails to targeted talent or to your entire talent network
  • Create custom landing pages specific to a role or a hiring event that can be easily displayed on desktop and mobile devices
  • Enhance your employer brand through targeted, mobile-friendly career sites and integration with social networks


What This Means for You

Recruitment Marketing is designed to provide a comprehensive, analytical approach to healthcare recruiting, enabling you to find and engage with high-quality candidates. Using real-time, visual analytics, recruiters are able to measure and refine candidate sourcing activities and simultaneously identify roadblocks within the recruiting process.

The Recruitment Marketing solution includes three modules:

  • The Source & CRM module - provides a central location to manage your interactions with your candidates. You can also create a Talent Network to promote your organization and attract new candidates. Your centralized candidate database includes contacts from a variety of different sources, including your ATS applicants, resume databases, and members of your Talent Network. The Source & CRM module also includes modern marketing tools that allow you to develop email marketing campaigns and engage with talent about current openings and future positions.
  • The Job Broadcast module - enables you to market your current openings. Using the Job Broadcast module you can automatically send jobs to a variety of talent attraction channels, including job boards and social channels. Based on your business practices, you can also distribute jobs on an as-needed basis. The Job Broadcast module integrates with your ATS so that you can analyze the effectiveness of different job posting channels.
  • The Career Sites module - helps you to promote your employer brand. Your brand identity can compel a candidate to apply to an open position or join your Talent Network. With Career Sites, you can create an enterprise site with search engine optimized pages, a mobile optimized site, and faceted search. A set of templates provide a starting point for your site or you can use content developed with an outside agency. Career Sites also allows you to create category specific landing pages or event sites to support your recruiting efforts.

With Recruitment Marketing you will:

  • Increase the efficiency of sourcing activities
  • Attract more of the right talent through targeted sourcing
  • Gain insight into sourcing costs and effectiveness

To help your team achieve success with Recruitment Marketing, the Lean Human Capital engagement will provide a thorough analysis of your current recruitment marketing process and a detailed baseline report against which to measure your future success. The solution also includes access to The Recruiter Academy, a certified recruiter program for healthcare recruiters. We also offer the Core Recruiting Benchmark Solution so that you can compare your organization’s recruiting performance against healthcare industry benchmarks.

Easily Locate the Most Qualified Candidates and Keep Them Engaged

Your Challenges

As a healthcare recruiter, finding qualified candidates presents huge challenges for your organization. In a time when competition for healthcare talent is high, your time-to-fill ratios continue to increase while the number of qualified candidates applying to your open positions continues to drop. You need to find a way to attract a higher caliber of candidates to join your talent pool, to easily search internal and external candidates for job openings, and to establish an ongoing relationship with candidates in your area. You also need to build a strong company brand so that people will want to work for your organization.

When it comes to finding qualified candidates and keeping them engaged, healthcare organizations are faced with various challenges such as:

  • Filling critical positions faster to ensure that patient care levels remain high
  • Reducing time-to-fill and expenses such as overtime and agency costs
  • Encouraging the best healthcare talent to apply for your open positions
  • Providing an excellent candidate experience every time they interact with your brand
  • Filling revenue-generating roles, particularly in outpatient profit centers

Our Solution Helps You

Recruitment Marketing expands your access to qualified candidates. Designed for healthcare professionals, our recruitment marketing software provides advanced capabilities to improve your sourcing activities and includes the ability to:

  • Employ SEO techniques to attract candidates
  • Post positions to job sites
  • Integrate social channels into your recruiting practices
  • Develop feature-rich, mobile-friendly career sites
  • Centrally manage candidates through all stages of engagement
  • Build and develop targeted talent networks
  • Analyze the outcomes of your recruitment marketing activities