To build a Patient-Centered Workforce®you need to ensure you're selecting accountable employees who align with your organizational values.

HealthcareSource Reference AssessmentSM uses behavioral science and healthcare specific surveys to gather honest, insightful feedback about candidates and helps you develop a lean reference checking process.

AHA EndorsementReference Checking software from HealthcareSource has earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA).


  • HR invites candidate to drive reference process
  • Candidate invites reference providers
  • System tracks “digital fingerprints” for process integrity


  • Confidentially encourages honest responses
  • Reference providers complete online surveys at their convenience
  • All surveys merged for confidentiality


  • Healthcare jobs benchmarked
  • Rate candidate against peers
  • “No-calls” reference cycle completed in two days on average

What This Means for You

Reference Assessment automates the reference checking process, making it easy for reference providers to give confidential input. You’ll get better information to make hiring decisions faster. You’ll eliminate time spent on phone calls and get better insights on your final candidates to help managers avoid bad hiring decisions while improving your hiring process efficiencies.

With Reference Assessment you can:

Get Valuable Insight into Every Candidate

Your Challenges

The traditional phone-based method of checking references is labor-intensive and often not very productive. But omitting the reference check is not a good solution. No one has better insight into a candidate's performance than his/her former colleagues. When it comes to checking references, organizations are faced with various challenges such as:

  • Phone-tag is time consuming and inefficient
  • Long delays in the hiring process
  • Information is limited and offers little insight

Our Solution Helps You

Reference Assessment software is a combination of behavioral science and confidential multi-rater surveys that transforms your reference checking process by getting candid views of your final candidates. Our healthcare automated reference checking software helps you:

What Our Customers Say

Read our customer profiles: Wilson Memorial Hospital and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital to learn the success these organizations are experiencing using Reference Assessment.