Get Better Candidate Insights Through More Reliable References

The insights provided by candidates’ references are crucial to making good hiring decisions. Unfortunately, traditional phone-based reference checks don’t give organizations access to that important information. Automated reference checking solutions are a better, more scientific way to obtain candidate insights. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Certain competencies predict high performance on the job

    Automated reference assessments draw on a data bank of questions that are linked to high performance in a variety of specific healthcare positions. These questions measure specific competencies that are predictive of success.

  • Custom questions and rating scales elicit richer information from references

    Automated reference checking solutions enable organizations to ask custom questions about candidates. In addition, responses to questions are provided using a six point scale. This encourages references to offer answers that are more objective and that provide data on actual, observed behaviors.

  • It’s difficult for candidates to skew references

    Automated reference checking systems have safeguards in place that prevent applicants from cherry picking colleagues to serve as references, or selecting friends and family. As a result, completed references give a less biased and more truthful picture of candidates.

HealthcareSource Reference Assessment is used by leading healthcare organizations to obtain better candidate insights and make better hiring decisions. To learn how one organization reduced its time to fill by almost eight days using Reference Assessment, view the West Virginia University Healthcare customer video.