Improve Your Candidate Referral Response Rates

One of the major challenges with phone-based reference checking is that response rates are usually quite low. Organizations that attain a 40% response rate for reference calls are considered successful. Recruiters find, however, that automated reference checking solutions result in better response rates. Here are a few reasons why:

  • References are more likely to respond to requests from candidates, rather than from HR representatives

    When references receive a personalized email from a former colleague, they often feel a sense of duty to respond and provide a reference.

  • Automated reference checking solutions make it easy for people to provide references when it’s convenient for them

    No one likes to be put on the spot on the phone and that’s exactly what happens during traditional reference checks. With automated reference checks, it’s possible for individuals to reply at their leisure online and take the time needed to provide a comprehensive reference.

  • The onus lies with candidates to follow up with references

    Candidates bear the responsibility of identifying references and ensuring that they provide the necessary information. Candidates who are truly interested in a position are motivated to obtain the references required to complete their application. This level of candidate involvement increases response rates.

HealthcareSource Reference Assessment automates the reference checking process and improves response rates. To learn more about how Tomah Memorial Hospital leveraged our solution to increase response rates and the quality of its referencesview the Tomah Memorial customer video.