Let Automated Reference Checking Simplify Talent Pool Management

During the reference checking process, recruiters come in contact with a wide variety of healthcare professionals. However, phone based reference checks don’t make it easy for HR teams to add references to their pool of potential candidates for future job openings. Automated reference checking solutions, on the other hand, are well suited for this.

By developing a talent pool from reference providers who opt in for future contact, organizations can strengthen their recruitment brand and candidate pipeline.

Consider the benefits of an automated reference checking solution:

  • Branding and personalization increases the likelihood of opt-in

    When individuals receive branded emails and see customized thank you pages after providing a reference, they are more likely to opt in to future contact from the healthcare organization’s HR team.

  • Recruiters gain insight into which passive candidates are most likely to make a job move

    With the Sourcing Module in HealthcareSource Reference Assessment, references respond to questions about their career intentions and timeframe. A Hire Readiness Indicator score is generated based on job satisfaction. This helps prioritize recruiting efforts.

  • Searching for potential candidates is easy

    Reference Assessment includes a fully searchable database of opted in references. It’s easy to identify promising candidates quickly and send them automatic notifications about new opportunities.

HealthcareSource Reference Assessment improves hiring results, whether it’s through higher quality references for current hires or through building the talent pool for future hires. To learn more about the product, download our Reference Assessment Datasheet: Automate Your Reference Checking Process and Improve Hiring Results.