To build a Patient-Centered Workforce® you need to select candidates who align with your mission, vision and values and be able to rely on your leaders to engage employees and drive performance.

HealthcareSource Staff AssessmentSM is behavioral science-based assessment software for selecting and developing staff that fits with your culture. Staff Assessment measures the key behaviors that are necessary to succeed in healthcare environments, including acute and post-acute care.

HealthcareSource Leadership AssessmentSM builds on that methodology by measuring leadership behavioral competencies, such as critical reasoning.

These assessments transform your interview process by measuring key healthcare competencies for an individual and comparing them to their healthcare peers. Staff Assessment integrates with HealthcareSource Position Manager® and can also be integrated with other applicant tracking systems, such as iCIMS, SuccessFactors, Workday and Taleo Enterprise. Leadership Assessment integrates with HealthcareSource Performance Manager.

AHA EndorsementBehavioral Assessments from HealthcareSource have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA).


  • Paperless point and click process
  • Flexible survey options; mobile survey for Staff Assessment
  • Integrations with online application


  • Compare individual to healthcare job benchmarks
  • Measure key behavioral competencies


  • Guide hiring managers with a structured interview process
  • Probe low-scoring answers with behavioral-based questions
  • Select staff and leaders that align with your culture

What This Means for You

Staff and Leadership Assessment transform your interview process by applying behavioral science to measure and develop key competencies like compassion, teamwork, and flexibility. By objectively uncovering strengths and weaknesses, you'll improve service excellence and hire staff and leaders that align with your mission and fit with your organization’s culture.

With Staff and Leadership Assessment you can:

Hire for Fit and Identify Potential Leaders

Your Challenges

To remain competitive, healthcare organizations need to hire applicants who provide a high level of patient and resident focused care, and who are committed to their organization. When it comes to hiring the right person for the right job, organizations are faced with various challenges as:

  • Hiring service-oriented employees who impact patient and resident satisfaction scores
  • Reducing turnover and increasing new-hire retention
  • Improving the quality of hire and identifying candidates that are a good "fit"
  • Providing hiring managers with structure and consistency during the interview process

Our Solutions Help You

Staff Assessment and Leadership Assessment, science-based behavioral assessment software, transforms your interview process by comparing the individual to healthcare peer benchmark data objectively uncovering strengths and weaknesses, and helps you:


What Our Customers Say

Read our customer profiles:  Penn Medicine and Silverado At Home to learn the success these organizations are experiencing using using Staff Assessment or Leadership Assessment.