Control the Interview Process

Using a consistent interview process helps guarantee that all candidates are evaluated in a similar way and increases the likelihood that organizations will find the best individuals for their open positions. Behavioral assessments is one way to ensure that a standard interview procedure is used across the entire organization.

Consider the benefits of adding behavioral assessments into your hiring approach:

  • Assessment solutions should generate an interview guide for each candidate

    The best behavioral assessment products take an applicant’s assessment results and produce a behavioral interview guide that is designed to probe that individual’s specific areas of weakness. This helps hiring managers find people who have the right personality and fit for both the position and organization.

  • It’s possible to explore critical job competencies during interviews

    Organizations that have the most success hiring find that consistency in the interview process is essential. Behavioral assessments can help by identifying job related questions that are built around critical job competencies.

  • A structured interview is fair for all

    Using a consistent, structured interview process for all candidates ensures that everyone is evaluated fairly and the best applicants are more likely to be selected.

HealthcareSource Staff AssessmentSM and Leadership AssessmentSM provide the information and tools needed to create a standardized interview process. To learn more about techniques for enhancing your recruiting procedures, download our white paper: “Improving the Interview Process: 6 Strategies for Healthcare HR and Talent Acquisition Professionals”.