Improve Service Excellence

One way that healthcare organizations can improve service excellence is by assessing related competencies, such as compassion, active listening, and adaptability, during the hiring process. Behavioral assessment solutions enable organizations to align recruiting procedures and interviews with the institutional culture.

Consider how behavioral assessments can contribute to better service excellence:

  • Assessment results reveal which candidates are driven by a need to serve others

    Before meeting with a candidate, HR and hiring managers gain insight into how an individual will interact with patients thanks to behavioral assessment results. Those applicants that score highly in areas related to service excellence are more likely to succeed on the job.

  • Behavioral based interviews can predict how candidates will perform in the workplace

    The best behavioral assessment solutions offer a customized behavioral interview guide for each candidate, so interviewers can probe on areas of concern. During interviews, it’s important to assess qualities like adaptability and openness to learning.

  • Once candidates are hired, track the performance of those who scored well on core service excellence competencies

    To ensure that service excellence is delivered, it’s helpful to monitor how new hires perform – especially those who scored high on related competencies in their pre-hire behavioral assessment.

HealthcareSource Staff AssessmentSM and Leadership AssessmentSM provide the information and tools needed to improve service excellence across organizations. To learn more about the intersection between talent management and service excellence, download our white paper: Improve Employee Retention and Increase Patient Satisfaction .