Hire for Fit and Reduce Turnover

Candidates that fit with your organization’s mission and values is one key to improving service quality and overall organizational performance. In addition, employees that fit that profile are more likely to be satisfied on the job and less likely to leave. Unfortunately, finding these individuals isn’t always easy. Behavioral assessments are a proven way to measure key behavioral competencies and identify the people who are most likely to succeed in your organization.

Consider the benefits of incorporating behavioral assessments into your recruiting processes:

  • Assessment scores offer insight into important aspects of job fit

    Before bringing a candidate in for an interview, it’s possible to gain insight into their likelihood of success. The best behavioral assessment solutions roll up results and score potential employees on factors such as job performance, retention, and service excellence.

  • Structured interview guides help guide conversations with candidates

    One of the most important products of a behavioral assessment solution is a structured interview guide that is customized based on each candidate’s results. The benefits of these interview guides are two-fold. First, structured behavioral interviews increase the reliability and consistency of the hiring process. Second, tailored interview questions help managers probe on a candidate’s low scores.

  • Behavioral assessments designed for healthcare increase the likelihood of finding the right team members

    Healthcare is a unique work environment. As a result, it’s important to use a behavioral assessment tool that focuses on healthcare behavioral competencies, such as teamwork, compassion, and customer focus. For positions like nurses, many organizations want greater insight into candidates’ critical thinking skills.

HealthcareSource Staff AssessmentSM and Leadership AssessmentSM provide a comprehensive approach to using behavioral science to select world-class talent. To learn more, download our eBooklet: HealthcareSource Behavioral Assessments: Recruit for Higher Retention.