Improve Employee Satisfaction

The satisfaction of healthcare employees has a direct impact on patient satisfaction. Healthcare is a personal and people facing industry where doctors, nurses, administrators and staff have one on one interaction with their patients and play a critical role in patient care and satisfaction. Employee satisfaction can improve with regular communications within healthcare organizations, as well as, providing access to courses that employees are more satisfied with healthcare organizations that communicate regularly and provide access to courses that help them maintain relicensure and certifications.

Many healthcare organizations are realizing that satisfied employees are imperative to providing high quality, patient-centered care. When employees are satisfied, it has far-reaching effects:

  • Employee satisfaction directly affects patient satisfaction

    Employees are more satisfied with healthcare organizations that communicate regularly and provide access to courses that help them maintain competencies and certifications.

  • Retention and employee satisfaction go hand in hand

    When staff members are unhappy, they are more likely to look for job opportunities elsewhere. High turnover makes it difficult to provide high quality care consistently. Finding new ways to improve employee retention is an important element of a Healthcare providers’ short term and long term strategic goals.

  • Healthcare employee satisfaction is tied to the bottom line

    Organizations that earn higher scores on HCAHPS patient satisfaction surveys are more likely to benefit from higher reimbursement rates and in some cases low scores result in a decrease in funding. In addition, lower turnover means lower labor costs, since fewer temporary and overtime staff are needed.

HealthcareSource Performance Manager® and NetLearning® enable healthcare organizations to automate and simplify the process of developing the best workforce. Employee and organizational goals can be aligned and it’s clear what training will help staff members move to the next level of their careers.

Although the benefits of employee satisfaction are clear, high employee satisfaction doesn’t just happen. It requires work and focus. Performance management software solutions provide the structure and enable processes that drive employee satisfaction initiatives.

Performance Manager enables organizations to promote strengths based coaching, align employee and organizational goals, recognize employee achievements, and more. As a result, employees stay connected to their purpose, are more motivated to succeed, and are more satisfied on the job. To learn more about strategies for enhancing employee satisfaction, download our white paper: Improving Employee Satisfaction in Healthcare Through Effective Employee Performance Management.