Develop the Best Workforce

Once you hire the best talent it’s important to keep them engaged and committed to high levels of performance. Employees are more likely to be satisfied when they realize that their managers and the organization as a whole are concerned about their performance and professional development.

Leading healthcare organizations develop their workforce in a variety of ways:

  • Help employees establish goals

    Employees appreciate the opportunity to develop performance objectives in conjunction with managers. It’s useful to connect employee goals with broader organizational and strategic objectives. For example, many leading healthcare organizations tie staff performance goals with key initiatives like improving the patient experience.

  • Focus on employee performance improvement throughout the year

    In some organizations, performance management processes simply mean a yearly performance evaluation meeting. However, it’s better to use a system that promotes continuous feedback and constructive coaching all year long.

  • Offer education and training opportunities

    Employees appreciate the chance to build their professional skills. An online learning platform makes it easy and convenient for staff to participate in training.

HealthcareSource Performance Manager® and NetLearning®>enable healthcare organizations to automate and simplify the process of developing the best workforce. Employee and organizational goals can be aligned and it’s clear what training will help staff members move to the next level of their careers. To learn more about best practices to develop your workforce, view the webinar replay: Proven Best Practices for Employee Performance Improvement.