Hire for Fit

Poor retention in healthcare is a major problem that isn’t likely to go away and underscores the need for behavioral assessment for employment. Consider the facts:

  • Turnover in healthcare is high

    The median tenure rates for registered nurses, for example, are around one year on average. This is far below the national median tenure rate of 4.4 years across all industries.

  • Turnover is expensive

    Unfortunately, the problem is unlikely to improve.

  • Competition for top talent will continue to be a challenge

    Healthcare accounts for six of the top ten occupations with the largest projected employment growth.

Traditionally, healthcare organizations have used hiring approaches that focus on job performance. These techniques overlook the fact that applicants possess characteristics and tendencies that are predictive of retention. Behavioral assessment that focuses on those behaviors that best match your organization reduces turnover and drives service excellence—an essential part of providing quality care that contributes to positive patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

HealthcareSource Behavioral Assessment Solutions help organizations measure behaviors which can predict the likelihood that candidates are service-oriented and will stay on the job.

To learn more about how to use healthcare behavioral assessment software to enhance retention through talent management and employee development practices, view the webinar replay: Please Don't Go: Using Assessment and Selection to Improve Retention.